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Hello, I’m Nadine!

Canadian Gal on a mission to end the suffering that comes with being stuck!

Mumma of four with a passion to infuse as much joy and love into my grandbabies as humanly possible!

Seasoned Holistic Functional Therapist and Trauma Informed Recovery Coach who after 20+ years and supporting hundreds of struggling people, has discovered that those who are open to implementing 5 simple principles, willing to accept support, and are committed to doing the “work” can move from where they are to where they want to be regardless of what has them stuck and how many times they have tried to get Unstuck!

Curious about the 5 Simple Principles?

The 5 Principle Roadmap to Get Unstuck

I Hear You, I See You, I Get It!

On the outside I looked like I had it all together! I worked hard at making my world look great! And to be honest, in many ways it was!

I spent most of my life driven to have and do more believing that this would calm the internal chaos that I seemed to always feel. My mantra was “when I get… or achieve… then I will be happy, then I will be okay” Eventually I discovered that this formula for living was obviously wrong as it wasn’t working!

So I went on a quest to find the new formula that would “fix” it all. I tried EVERYTHING… self-help books, self-care regimes, hours searching the internet for answers and when the anxiety and depression felt unbearable numbing out was a welcomed relief!    I was a therapist for crying out loud! Why couldn’t I figure this out?  

Don't get me wrong, many of these things “worked” for various periods of time.  But inevitably, the anxiety, depression, and chaos of my inner being would return. Coping became increasingly difficult and I could feel the “perfect” outer world that I had created slipping through my fingers!

From a place of desparation and fear I knew something needed to change. And so began the journey that has led me to understand that ALL my challenges were a result of me living from a place of untruths that I had innocently adopted. These untruths caused my brain and body  to create survival cycles that left me stuck! When I realized that I was not broken, I was not diseased or disordered, I had simply been responding to these innocently adopted untruths that created patterns leaving me stuck EVERYTHING changed!!

After a decade of being on my own personal journey and over 20,000 hours working with others who have struggled with anxiety, depression and addiction, I have discovered that when we truly understand the truth of what is creating the struggle and learn to operate under 5 simple principles we can break free from all the stuff that weighs us down and LIVE LIFE UNSTUCK!

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