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Psychotherapy & Coaching Services



Living in what feels like a continual or cyclical state of anxiety, depression, stress and/or exhaustion.  Struggling with racing and looping thoughts that won't stop and an inner critic that just won't shut up is hard!  It can significantly impact your daily living making somedays hard to function at all.  It impacts relationships, your sense of self and steals your joy.  

Within you lies the ability to replace the chaos and heaviness you are feeling with calm and joy.  You have within you the ability to evict your inner critic and replace it with a compassionate cheerleader. 

Together, we will uncover how and in what specific ways your brain and body is stuck in a mind-mood loop.  We will discover more helpful ways that YOU can be with those loops AND create new mind-mood loops that will serve you better.



​Do you find yourself in an endless stop-start cycle?  One day you feel like you've mastered your procrastination, your lack of follow through and unhealthy habits only for the next day to have them all return?  Have you tried everything to cut back, slow down or eliminate the use of food, alcohol or other substances that you feel you need to get you through your day?  OR have you just given up completely and stopped trying to "fix" anything?

I have good news for you.  There is NOTHING wrong with you!  Your brain and body are wired to avoid pain, seek pleasure and do it with the least amount of energy possible.  If you are stuck in any type of habit, it is because that habit has become your brain and body's survival pattern.  It is simply a sign that your brain and body is doing exactly what it is suppose to - protect you, please you and do it in a way that is most familiar. 

Together we will uncover what your brain and body is seeking to avoid, how to find pleasure in more helpful and healthy ways and provide you with the support  and resources you need to get unstuck from the behavioural patterns that are not serving you. Together we will shift your brain and body from it's surviving patterns to thriving patterns!  YOU can teach your brain and body how to do it's job in a healthier, more fulfilling way allowing you to feel empowered and giving you the ability to be the leader of your life.



Life brings with it moments of inexplicable joy.  It also brings events that elicit excruciating pain.  Loss, traumatic events, traumatic childhoods, unhealthy relationships hurt!  Even the mere journey of being human brings some degree of trauma.  The history of these hurts and traumas leave an indelible "blueprint" in not only our memories but in our brains and bodies.  It is this blueprint that causes the impact of our trauma and hurt to be experienced long after the event that cause it has occured.   

Most of us know that the history of our hurt has impacted us.  But what many of us don't know is that the blueprint created from this hurt is playing out in our current world and often, unbeknownst to us, is causing a reoccurence of trauma in our brains and body.  This reoccurence puts the trauma on "replay" and causes us to stay stuck in it.

Together we will come to understand your trauma blueprint and how it continues to impact you in your world.  It is ONLY from this place that true, long lasting healing can occur.  When you truly heal ALL parts of yourself you can begin to create a new blueprint.  A blueprint that supports you in getting unstuck from the hurt of your history so that you can carry on and create the life you desire and deserve.



From the outside it all looks great!  You sit and realize you have all of the things that you have ever wanted.  All of the things that you have worked so hard to achieve. You get up, go about your day and look like you have it all together!  But... on the inside you feel like someting is missing.  You are confused and find yourself coming back to the same question... "Is this all there is?".  You have spent countless hours, read countless books, done endless google searches, followed "gurus" on instagram and maybe even spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to stop feeling so restless, irritable and discontent.  You are stuck!

Or perhaps you haven't gotten to the place where you want to be. Despite all your best efforts, all the things and ways in which you have tried, you just can't seem to reach those goals or acheive those dreams of yours.  You start off in a blaze of glory and with an "I will do this " conviction so strong that you would pass a lie detector test.  But eventually what feels like the inevitable happens and you stop doing all the things that you promised you would.  This start-stop cycle has your exhausted, frustrated and looking in the mirror asking yourself "what is wrong with me?".  Despite your best efforts to dampen your desires they just won't let you rest and you go at it again only to find the same thing happens.  You get stuck! 

That continual state of discomfort you are feeling?  It's not an indication that their is something wrong with you.  It's a signal that you are meant for more!  You are not simply worthy of living the life you desire, you ARE capable of creating it!  Together we will uncover what is REALLY causing you to feel stuck and stopping you.  We will discover and create new strategies that will allow you to feel and show up in the world the way you desire so that you can have the things you deserve.  You will discover that YOU can be the leader of your life and YOU can create a life you love!