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Psychotherapy & Coaching Services

You are NOT Broken, you are NOT Diseased, you are NOT Disorder AND you do NOT need to continue to struggle with the impact of anxiety, depression, addiction or any other patterns 

that have you feeling stuck!

I know that this is not what you have likely been told.

But are you willing to consider that perhaps what you have been told may not be exactly accurate?

It does NOT matter how many times you have tried. It does NOT matter how many different things or ways in which you have tried! YOU have everything within you that you need to go from where you are to where you want to be!

I know that you may not believe this.

But are you willing to consider that perhaps you have inoccently adopted untruths that have caused your brain & body to create survival cycles that are keeping you stuck?

My Life Unstuck ​(MLU)


A 12 week intensive program for anyone who is sick and tired of being stuck and is ready to walk the path to a life Unstuck!!


While the principles that will place you on this path are simple, getting and staying on the path is not always easy at the start of the journey.  To be  honest, at times it's  just plain hard!  

But, I'm willing to bet that things are hard right now!  So... while experiencing "hard things" may not be an option,  you do get to decide if you will continue to experience the type of "hard" that continues to leave you Stuck OR experience a new kind of "hard" that will create transformative shifts towards living a life Unstuck!  

One more truth 💣about "hard".  Same old "hard" gets "harder.  New kind of "hard" gets easier!!

If you are willing to be open, honest and are fully committed to all this 12 week journey offers, you WILL experience transformative shifts that will place you on the path to a life Unstuck!  


You will receive tons of the latest and most up to date information.  You will be provided worksheets and exercises that are all backed by science and research!  And... you will also get MASSIVE support!

I want to let you in on a little secret...information DOES NOT lead to change!  On it's own it WILL NOT get you unstuck!  Let's get honest... how many self-help books are sitting on your shelf, in your kindle or audio app?  ME TOO!!!  And, we are not alone! 60% of all people who read a self-help type book don't ever implement the suggestions.  Of those that do implement the suggestions 85% stop doing so within 6 weeks.  So it comes as no surprise that 90% of all people who read a self -help type book report not getting the results the information was aimed to create!!  

Ongoing, meaningful and effective support is IMPERATIVE in order to get unstuck!  Not because there is something wrong with you, but because  change literally sends a "danger signal" to your brain.  Because your brain's #1 job is to keep you safe and do it quickly (thank goodness or we all would've been eaten by the sabre tooth tiger!), it "tells" you to do what is most familiar!  And... what is most familiar?...  Your survival cycles!! So back to the same old patterns you go, leaving you stuck and having you believe that you "just can't do it"!  But, you are wrong!  YOU CAN!!  It simply requires some knowledge, some tools, and a TON of support!



Before you even start your MLU 12 week journey I have your back!  During this 90 minute session we will cover the set up for success checklist.  This will ensure you know how to access everything you will need during our 12 weeks together.  We will create your individualized roadmap of your 12 week journey.  This will ensure that you know exactly how your are going to get from where you are to where you want be!


Truth 💣... In order to get unstuck you must EXPERIENCE different ways of being!!   Through frequent and consistent experiences you will not only begin to gain a greater sense of becoming unstuck, you will do so with greater ease.  And who doesn't want greater ease?!!  These daily touch points are quick powerful shares that will invite you to EXPERIENCE a different way of being throughout your day.  


These weekly two hour classes will provide you with indepth training on the principles that will allow you to get unstuck and teach you how to apply them to your daily living.  The Q&A portion provides you with the opportunity to get all your questions answered so that you can apply the information in a way that is most effective for you!  While understanding the "whys", the "whats", and the "hows" are important, the most powerful aspect of these classes is that you will truly come to see that being stuck is not your fault AND that you are not alone!  


Each week you will receive handouts and worksheets that will enhance the teachings in the masterclass and provide you with the opportunity to take a deep dive into uncovering the root causes of what led you to becoming stuck and discovering your unique path to becoming unstuck.  By the end of your 12 week journey you will have your own personalized manual that will serve to remind and assist you long after you complete MLU.


Supporting you in your struggles, celebrating you in your wins, and guiding you through your stuckness in ways that are uniquely helpful for you!  Together we will explore all that you are discovering, uncover all that continues to have you stuck and determine how best to move forward.  Helping you to lean in, move through, and carry on is the powerful process you will experience in each of your 1:1 sessions!


Remember when I said... That information doesn't lead to transformation? That experiencing a new way of being is a must in becoming unstuck? And that because your brain's number one job is to keep you safe it will signal you back to the survival cycles that have stuck? Oh ya, and that "hard wasn't an option?!"  Well, these truth 💣💣💣 are why MLU provides unlimited support!   You can reach out for support as often as you need and ask as many questions as you want!  There is no limit! This will ensure that  during your 12 week journey you will not stay stuck in your stuckness!


Ready to end the impact of anxiety, depression, addiction, destructive patterns?

Committed to do the work and invest in you?

Willing to accept support and be coached?


Due to the intense support & our commitment to ensuring MLU's results, working together is by application & interview only.