My Life Unstuck™

My Life Unstuck™ is a 12 Week Journey that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. It is grounded in research, backed by science, and tackles the root causes of why you are stuck and how to get and stay Unstuck!

  • Daily Touch Points
  • Weekly Live Master Classes with Q&A
  • Weekly Handouts & Worksheets
  • Weekly 1:1 Session
  • Unlimited Support

This is an intensive program designed for people who are serious about ending the impact of their anxiety, depression, addiction and destructive patterns. The high degree of support supports the massive transformation that occurs in just 12 weeks.

To ensure that we are a good fit to work together My Life Unstuck™ is by application only.


Dissolve Your Desire

Dissolve Your Desire is a 30 day journey for anyone struggling with overuse of alcohol.

A holistic, evidence based approach with unparallel clinical support and resources provides the benefits of being in treatment without having to go to treatment!

  • Individualized Program Plan
  • Morning & Evening Check-Ins
  • Recovery Meal Plan & Supplements
  • Daily Dose of Recovery &Worksheets
  • Live Classes with Q&A Twice Weekly
  • 1:1 Sessions Twice Weekly
  • Unlimited Trauma Informed Funtional Recovery Coach Support

If you are concerned about your use of alcohol, are struggling to eliminate the impact it is having in your world and are serious about wanting to end the seeming  hold it has on you then this program is for you.  Dissolve Your Desire (DYD) will provide you with everything you need to get unstuck from your pattern of overusing alcohol.   

No wait lists.  No putting your life on hold!  No judgment!  No one size fits all approach!  

To ensure that you can safely begin this journey and that we are a good fit to work together, an intake chat is required!


1:1 Sessions

Weekly in person or virtual time together where we will explore the root causes that have you stuck and how to get unstuck.  Through working together, you will not only become well sourced with information to support your understanding,  you will be guided with the implementation of what you learn in order for the transformation you seek to occur.

A hollistic functional approach that explores your multidimensional world and provides you with a personalized blue print with evidence based strategies.

  •  1 hour weekly sessions
  • Written Session Recap & Recommendations 
  • In Between Session Touchpoint

Complimentary 1 hour Consultation 


Events & Retreats

My mission is to end the suffering that comes from being stuck!

Empowering others by helping them to see that they are not broken, diseased or disordered by providing them with the tools they need to get Unstuck through live and virtual events aids in this mission!

Live Life Unstuck Weekend Retreats provide the opportunity for you to do a deep and transformational dive into why you are stuck and how to get Unstuck!

  • Tranquil Setting
  • Delicious Meals
  • Intensive Training
  • Transformational Exercises
  • Like Minded People

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